International Project Management

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With the increase in globalization, integration of world markets, and rise in the concept of the importance of International Project Management has increased many folds. Project management is a discipline that applies various tools, concepts, principles, practices, activities that help in improving the profitability of organization and results in overall growth. It helps organizations working in various parts of the world in integrating there operations and achieving goals. The project management concepts are based on principles of rationality in human behavior, and similarity of working culture over organizations that is a bit unrealistic due to differences in Environmental Factors such as legal, political factors,
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When firms initially expand abroad, they often group all their international activities into an international division; it organized based on functions and product divisions.

The Organization of International Business

Organizational architecture refers to the totality of a firm’s organization, including formal organizational structure, control systems and incentives, organizational culture, process, and people.

Organizational structure is the formal division of the organization into subunits; the location of decision-making responsibilities with in that structure and the establishment of integrating mechanisms. Control systems are used to measure the performance of subunits and make judgment about how well managers are running those subunits. Giving incentives as well, are the devices used to reward appropriate managerial behavior or it’s one way of motivating good behavior. Processes of international business organization are the manner in which decisions are made and work is performed within the organization. Thus, process of formulating strategy, for deciding how to allocate resources with in a firm, or for evaluating the performance of managers and giving feedbacks.

Organizational Culture is the norms and values systems that are shared among the employee of an organization. Individuals who come together to perform


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