Pizza Hut

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MGT 3446 – International Business and Management
Final Project

Yum! Brands: Pizza Hut India

Muyuan Wan

Executive Summary
Yum Brands has enjoyed international success for many years. This is especially true of Pizza Hut in India. Pizza Hut India practices a strategy of localization that has appealed to and attracted many local consumers. As age demographics shift, fast food is becoming increasingly popular. With these changes within the country, Yum will continue to experience success. Their aggressive expansion strategy has allowed the company to enter the Indian market through strategic alliances with home companies. These alliances have aided in the easy entry as well as cultural barriers that would have led Yum
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Marketing and R&D Strategies
Yum has chosen to use a localization strategy for Pizza Hut Restaurants in India. Though American options are available, the menu has been customized to include options such as Double Cheese, Teekha Chicken Masala, Kadhai Chicken, Veggie Crunch, and Tandori Paneer Pizzas (SiliconIndia, 2013). These options have been added to attract the local consumer. This very strategic move than offers the company success based on the understanding of cultural preferences within the country.
Another attractive feature of the Indian menu is a low price point that makes the product available to even those with lower incomes (Sinha, 2012). This strategy allows the chain to be available to numerous communities throughout the country. Without this strategy the company would face stagnant growth within India.
Yum also practices advertising to spread the message about their products. Because India is somewhat technologically advanced in that they have communication abilities such as television, internet, and radio (South Asia: India, 2013). This allows the company to create advertising campaigns that cater to the local consumer.
There has been extensive research done by Yum to ensure that these different strategies are exactly what the Indian consumer desires (Yum! Brands, 2013). Whether this research was accomplished through trial and error or through developments through the R&D department, it is all very important and informative to


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