Concept Analysis of Caring in Nursing

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Abstract It is evident that nursing theorists, scholars and health care professions have varying interpretations of what caring is or should be. In the middle of all these disparity, caring is a vital component of the nursing practice and the key to choosing the concept of caring is because it is very essential when it comes to health care. This paper tries to make clear the concept of caring in the field of nursing and it makes use of the Walker and Avant outline to support the concept. It starts with recognizing the concept and its functions. It then identifies three emerging attributes of caring will be identified and a description of each will be given. At last, the paper will recognize antecedents, the effects or consequences and …show more content…

John would often call her to voice his concerns. Though she was busy, she still listened and also reminded him of his treatment plan. This would have given him a sense of comfort. Nurse Ami had also contemplated having Mr. John in the open ward instead of the side room which she thought would allow for better care and treatment. Mr. John stated that he preferred the privacy of the side room and Ami ensured the buzzer was within his reach.
Action refers to voluntary act that shows itself externally or that is completed internally. Professional caring consists of different actions that are aimed at helping the patient. The nurse can decide to be with the patient. The actions result from the nurse’s perception of the patient needs. The nurse is motivated to act so as to meet the patient needs (DalPezzo, 2009). While in the emergency department, Mr. John had an angina attack. Ami was quick to administer his prescribed medication and also explained to his wife that placing the medication under his tongue would give him quick relief. Attitude refers to a negative or positive feeling towards a person or group. The nurse should show a positive attitude when caring for the patient in order to be considered caring. The nurses should be strong, courageous and have love, peace and joy to caring. The nurses should be attentive, open, good listener, understanding, respectful and committed (DalPezzo, 2009). During Mr. John’s visit, Ami was attentive, open and


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