Toyota Case Study

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Ch. 8: Toyota's Production System: Life in the Fast Lane?
Overview: The Toyota Production System has long been hailed and admired as the source of Toyota’s outstanding performance as a manufacturer. TPS aims to eliminate waste, reduce defects and maximize flow. TPS aims to increase efficiency and productivity by employing a unique production system that cuts costs through continuous improvement. Long term goal is to yield sharp reductions in product development and manufacturing lead times. Toyota want to be the industry best and they stand behind their culture to share the wealth of how they do it. 1. What is the relationship between Toyota’s organizational strategy and Toyota Production System? TPS is viewed as the benchmark, the
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I believe it is all about consistency, workers impute training and sharing the wealth of talent. 6. How would you suggest Toyota train local managers for Toyota Production System? Initially I would suggest middle school & high school intern programs for those students interested in careers in management. We read in the case study education as being the key strategy used by Toyota. We learned that well trained local managers was one of the biggest problems. Typically, Toyota’s Japanese plant managers have 20 years of experience in TPS we also learned that the TPS skill is transferrable and used in other industries. Why not start early? The internship could potentially turn into courses within a technical school in the students’ district. The student would learn the base and continue in additional levels in high school and college. As for current needs, I would imitate the same practice Georgetown used with the 32 workers who worked and attended school during work hours. What more positive and partnership that to have your company support you during business hours with school?

Ch. 9: Working with the new millennial - They're not your baby boomers

Overview: Understanding the millennial workers and how they are blending into organizations now. What they expect and what industry leaders will need in place to keep this generation or works happy and thriving.

1.How do


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