Nursing and Theory

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Theories and models of nursing practice

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1. Definitions of theory, concept, model, proposition. 2. Explain the relationships of concepts and propositions to theory 3.Discuss the purpose of theory. 4. Explain the USE OF theories from other disciplines: .

.5. Explain the interdependent roles of nursing practice, nursing theory, and nursing research.

.6.History and evolution of nursing theory 7. Identify m Common concept in nursing Theories. 8. Identify the three categories relating to the scope of theories. ..-

Theories and models of nursing practice
Nursing theory provides a perspective from which to define
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In addition, nursing theories provide a structure for communicating with other nurses and with other members of the health care team. Nursing theories assist the discipline of nursing in clarifying beliefs, values, and goals, and they help to define the unique contribution of nursing in the care of clients. When the focus of nursing’s contribution is clear, then greater professional autonomy and, ultimately, control of certain aspects of practice are achieved. In the broadest sense, nursing theory is necessary for the continued development and evolution of the discipline of nursing. Because the world of health care changes virtually on a daily basis, nursing needs to continue to expand its knowledge base to proactively respond to changes in societal needs. Knowledge for nursing practice is developed through nursing research that, in turn, is used to either test existing theories or generate new theories.

Nursing Practice

Nursing research

Nursing theory

Process of knowledge development. Nursing practice, theory, and research are interdependent. Nursing theory development and nursing research activities are directed toward developing nursing practice standards

. Nurses may use a specific nursing theory to help guide their practice or may choose a more eclectic approach and adopt ideas from several theories. Both of these approaches are valid. Furthermore, nurses may find some theories more appropriate for certain situations.


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