Diversity a Concept Analysis

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Abstract The concept of diversity is one that individuals may not think of when they think of nursing. Diversity is a major component to nursing and the care that is provided to patients. In this concept analysis, antecedent, attributes and consequences of diversity are identified. The following antecedents are: race, social economy, knowledge, gender, and education level. The attributes of diversity are individual, variety, perception, difference and civilization. The consequences of diversity are as follows; acceptance, decision making, cultural competency qualifications, respect, degrading, trusts
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Several nursing theories relate to diversity such as theories written by Madeline Leininger, Jean Watson, and Joyce Travelbee. The theoretical base for the concept diversity comes from Leiningers Theory of Culture Care: Diversity and Universality (Leininger, 2001). Leiningers theory derives from nursing and associated disciplines such as anthropology, philosophy, nursing, psychology and sociology (Leininger, 2001). Leiningers theory displays care measures that are in harmony with an individual or group’s cultural beliefs, practices, and values. According to Leininger, “The purpose of Culture Care Theory was to discover human care diversities and universalities in relation to worldview, social structure and other dimensions cited, and then to discover ways to provide culturally congruent care to people of different or similar cultures in order to maintain or regain their wellbeing, health or face death in a culturally appropriate way” (Leininger, 2001, p.39). The inductive premises from Leiningers theory are from nursing insights such as nursing experiences; deductive assumptions came from trans-cultural, humanistic and scientific disciplines (Leininger, 2001). Leiningers theory is a middle-ranged theory that shows how the healthcare environment influences and commits to recognizing and appreciating the variety


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