Transcultural Nursing

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Application of Nursing Theory

Leininger’s Transcultural Theory
The practice of nursing in today’s multicultural societies calls for nurses to identify and meet the cultural needs of diverse groups of people; to understand the social and cultural reality of the client, family, and community; to develop expertise in the implementation of culturally acceptable strategies for the provision of nursing care, and to identify and use appropriate resources for health teaching that is acceptable to the client. Undeniably, this cultural diversity necessitates that the care provided be compatible with the needs of the culturally diverse population. Madeleine Leininger is recognized worldwide as the founder of transcultural nursing,
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Third, the concept of ‘health’ is not distinct to nursing as many disciplines use the term (Leininger 1997). Fourth, instead of environment, Leininger uses the concept ‘environmental context’, which includes events with meanings and interpretations given to them in particular physical, ecological, sociopolitical and/or cultural settings (Leininger, 1997.) Leininger’s Culture Care Theory focuses on the concept of care that is essential and important in nursing. ‘Care’ best describes nursing because it is how nurse’s show their compassion and concern for the patient. Thus, knowing the patient’s unique cultural attributes and, at the same time assimilating it within the nursing process, will surely render culturally congruent care.
Reason for Selecting Madeleine Leininger’s Theory The ever-growing number of patients from various cultural backgrounds creates a major challenge for nurses to provide individualized and holistic care based on each patient's cultural needs. This requires nurses to understand cultural differences in healthcare values, beliefs, and customs. Transcultural knowledge is important for nurses to acquire in order for them to become sensitive to the needs of patients from various cultures especially as societies become increasingly global and complex. Since nurses have the most intimate contact with patients and are


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