Concept Analysis on Spirituality

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Concept Analysis on Spirituality
Sonia Williams
Adelphi University

Concept Analysis “A concept is an element used in the development of a theory” (Miller-Keane, 1997, p.362). Concepts are abstract which derived from particular attributes such as hope, love, desire (McEwen & Wills, 2007, p.52). Concept analysis is used to describe and examine a word and its usage in language and nursing literature, clarification in defining attributes, antecedents and provides new tools for theory and research development. Concept analysis can be used to formulate and evaluate nursing diagnosis. ( Tanyi,2002). . Spirituality in health care and nursing has greatly increased. Joint Commission on
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Spirituality evolves as a process that can be discussed as journey, a guide or a struggle. Spirituality is the essence of the self and is expressed outwardly primarily in prayer (Tuck & Thinganjana, 2007).

Defining Attributes Attributes are characteristics of the concept that are repeatedly used. The intrinsic attributes of spirituality are: belief, faith, connectedness, inner strength, peace, and inspiration, love, meaning, holy, and interconnectedness between God/man/ultimate reality, soul, religious attitudes, heavenly, feelings, thoughts, reflection, values, personal philosophy, imagination and purpose. The extrinsic attributes are religious affiliation, church services, church attendance, prayer, positive affirmations, relationship or communication with God, hierarchical structures. Ministers, priests, religious practices and co participation in shared human experiences. In times of crisis, individuals turned to a higher power God by praying and believing that their prayers will be answered and that they will find fulfillment, strength, peace, courage and inspiration. In my culture Spirituality plays a major role. Religious spirituality has given many individuals courage, motivation and perseverance to conquer the obstacles they encountered on a daily basis. Singing religious songs, praying and fasting are widely practiced in their spirituality. They have a very strong belief in God and their faith is


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