Case Study: Lean Implementation at Siemens' Kalwa Plant

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CMGB6104: Operation Management

Case Study: Lean Implementation at Siemens' Kalwa Plant

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Dr. Kanagi Kanapathy

Prepared by Group 5 (Wednesday 6.30 p.m. class):

Jamaludin Muhamad Yusof CGA 120092
Sathisveran CGA 100081
Vinoden Subramaniam CGA 120012
Payam Nasehi CGA 120079
Salwa Faharudin CGA 110110

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Briefly, in this case we
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They wanted to know and eliminate any waste of time and raw material during production line. However, changing the working methods which many person work with it for many years has some resentment among different groups.

the lean team decided to divide their changes to : 1-layout 2-support system 3-vendor management 4-cultural changes , which these changes caused to improve the Kalwa company efficiency. Lean team had meeting with personnel of sections that had more errors after lean implementation, team members tried to find out problems and seek to solve the issue.


Has Siemen’s Kalwa plant been effective in achieving lean implementation?
In our opinion, Siemens Kalwa Plant has been affective in achieving lean implementation. The main contributing factors for an effective lean implementation for Siemens Kalwa Plant are as follows: 1. Top Management provide a very good support and clear direction a. Lead by Global Head, Mr Gewald b. Siemens Kalwa Plant General Manager, Mr Khandekar c. Mr Khandekar, demonstrating “walk the talk” by showing his commitment by closely involved in the implementation activity to ensure the workers understood the objectives

2. Proper planning in understanding the as is process and to be process d. 6 months of


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