How Managing with a Global Mindset

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How managing with a global mindset adequately addresses some challenges raised by managing in a globalising world.

The globalising world has impacted and raised new challenges for organisations and leaders. Thinking about new perspectives and reframe old paradigms are required and fundamental to leaders succeed in the global competitive environment. This essay will explore how managing with a global mindset are becoming an important competence across boundaries and how it can open doors for thriving businesses worldwide.

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Black (2006) describes what John Pepper, one of the leaders of Procter & Gamble who helped to make the company a global company in the 80s and 90s, did when he arrived in a country where he had never been before: he visited five local families and learned with them how the families washed their clothes, cleaned the house and dealt with the children’s hygiene in that culture. Pepper believed that the experience and real contact with local cultures makes the difference in becoming a global leader.

4 Managing with a global mindset

According to Manning (2003), most of the companies admit that technical competencies and organizational experience alone are insufficient criteria for the choice of a global leader. Pursuant to the studies developed by Black and Gregersen (1999), the crucial characteristic for leadership is linked to relationship skills and opening of new perspectives. The process of developing global leaders becomes a challenge, because the understanding of this movement experienced by them collides with personality traits that differentiate them from the rest. And such characteristics directly affect the work relationships and the effectiveness of the cross cultural leadership, the elements of which should be taken into consideration by the organisations for the selection and development of global leadership programs.

It is indispensable for the leaders to know that in a scenario of connection and


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