Case Study of Electronic Communications Limited, China

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Your analysis of the ECL in China case paper should identify, analyze, and recommend solutions for 3 of the following “problems”: communication and listening skills communication planning at the team level teams and teambuilding
Relevant cultural issues involved with each "problem" must be included in your analysis, but should not be the entire content of your analysis. Paper: Submitted paper is to be composed of the following sections: Cover Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary (≤1 page in length)
Body of Report:
Problem Identification (no more than one-half page in length) Situation Analysis (3-4 pages total length; use subheading for each problem followed by the analysis of that problem) Problem 1
Problem 2
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However, at the same time, there are also challenges and risks that corporations confront when entering the market. Among these, one of the most notable challenges is about managing cultural differences between markets. In response to this challenge, ECL developed their own Global Management Policy and implement it to ECLs China branch. At the same time, they also essay to embrace Chinese culture into the corporation. Reinforcement of ECLs observe beliefs Between globalization and localisation, ECL chose to set their strategy towards globalization - they emphasise on establishing their culture in China rather than adapting Chinese culture. According to the case(P.4), it can be seen that ECL always tried to examine consistent understanding of its management principles, and these common principles had to be divided up by its employees in China. Problem Identification
Electronic Communications Ltd. (ECL) is a global leader in providing integrated communications solutions. Like many other multinational organizations, ECL has decided to start business in China as it promises opportunities due to its size and diversity. However, there are challenges and risks that the corporations need to take care before entering the market. The major one is managing cultural differences between markets. It is a challenge for ECL, if not handled correctly, can become a risk. When doing business in global economy, business partners need to


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