The Case of Elecdyne

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1. Introduction
The ability of firms to secure their market position is considered as vital for their survival. In practice, it has been proved that firms that have faced severe challenges have managed to recover using appropriately customized strategic options. The potentials of small Japanese firm, Elecdyne a small size firm that operates in the electronics industry in Japan to stabilize its performance through internationalization is explored in this paper. Three countries have been reviewed as of their appropriateness to support the firm’s specific initiative: USA, China and Australia. At the same time, a SWOT analysis and a PEST analysis have been employed for revealing the potentials of the organization to improve its performance
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The specific country is considered as offering many prospects to firms operating in the electronics industry, as Elecdyne. It was on this basis that USA has been chosen as another potential location for the internationalization of Elecdyne. The last country chosen as a potential host country is Australia. The particular country has reached an important level of growth showing trends of continuous industrial and economic growth. Also, its geographic location, near to Japan has been considered as another advantage of Australia, compared to other markets internationally.

3.2 Presentation of available strategic choices using appropriate strategic tools
3.2.1 SWOT analysis
The SWOT analysis is considered as one of the most important tools for evaluating the prospects of organizations in their industry (Afuah 2009). The simplicity of the specific framework has been often considered as a weakness, a view that it is not justified, if taking into consideration the highly competitiveness of industries in the global market. The SWOT analysis focuses on the presentation of the following aspects of the firm’s environment: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The internal environment of Elecdyne has been analyzed using the specific tool so that the potentials of the firm to enter the international market are identified. The SWOT analysis for Elecdyne is presented in Table 1 below and it is discussed further using also the findings of Table