Coffee Shop Opening: Project Management

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Coffee Shop Building and Opening Project


Subject: Deliverables Summary

This is a summary of the deliverables included for this project. There should be a table of contents page, a detailed scope statement, the work breakdown and network diagram, the risk management plan, and the communication management plan. Any tables or graphs must be comprehensible and precise. Each member should include a lesson learned and a participation summary.


1. Executive Summary Page 3 2. Scope Statement Page 3 a. Goal Definition b. Goals Addressing Mission c. Goals Addressing Self-Sustainment d. Cost e. Project
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Decision Making and Concern Levels Matrix Level | Type | Responsible Party | One | Project Completion, Major Scope Changes, Success and Failures | Ownership | Two | Overall project schedule, changes, minor scope deviations, communication plan, work packages | Project Management Team |

High Level Gantt Chart View
The following work breakdown Structure provides a snapshot of the project. The Gantt chart shows the objectives that will be performed by all members of the project team and external workers.

Work Breakdown Structure

Risk Analysis
Possible Risks 1. Completed loan application – The loan may be denied between 05/05/12 and 07/10/12, causing the project to stop or requiring a new loan agent. 2. Construction issues – Delays caused by weather and unforeseen events may prohibit construction completion. 3. Labor unions – The building will be built by non-union employees. There is potential of union workers picketing. This may cause negative publicity to the business. It may also delay with following the construction schedule. 4. Poor location for coffee shop – Unable to find a location that will be profitable to the owners. 5. Enough resources to pay employees – Approved loan may not be enough for the startup capital and the employee wages. 6. Employees may not show up as scheduled – Hired staff may be late or absent because of transportation, family, or


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