Assessment 1

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Risk review

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Performance objective

For this task you are required to determine the risk context associated with establishing a new business outlet, within the existing business structure. They will be required to review internal and external environment factors and liaise with all stakeholders to generate a list of risks.

Assessment description

For the case study provided with this Assessment Task, you are required to review risk management processes and determine scope and objectives, taking into account stakeholder input and both internal and external environmental factors affecting the organisation. With the information gathered, you are
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Paula has assigned you the task of managing the risks involved with the operational aspects of this take-over. A copy of her email is attached.

Email from CEO – Paula Kinski

From: CEO – P.Kinski
To: Assistant Manager – Queen Street
Re: New Toowoomba store

Congratulations on your new appointment. Prior to taking up your position as manager of our Toowoomba store located in Ruthven Street, the board has asked that the risks in this project be appropriately managed. I want you to undertake this task as it will give you significant insight into the store’s operations; it will ensure a smooth transition to the MacVille systems and will encourage you to give ongoing support for our risk management initiatives.

I would like you to approach this task in three stages and meet with me at the end of each phase to review your work and discuss your plans for the subsequent phases. The three stages in this risk management task will include:

1. Review. 2. Analyse and plan. 3. Monitor.
Your primary risk management focus is directed to the ongoing operations of the Toowoomba cafe. The strategic and investment risks of this project are being managed by the board. To this end, you are to consider any risks that could impact on human resources management, financial operations, WHS, our supply chain and the local governance and overall compliance issues.

By way of background, MacVille has agreed to employ all existing staff on


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