Strengths & Weakness in Negotiation

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There are many factors that help to create a great and effective negotiator. A negotiator's relative strength is determined by the quality and extent of his/her preparation. The better you understand your interests (why you want what you want); and the better you understand the interests of other parties (why they want what they want), the greater the chance you will be able to reach an desirable solution which leaves the parties feeling as if each has achieved the major portion of their goals. A negotiator's relative strength can be measured by whether people walk away thinking they would be pleased to negotiate again with him/her. If people leave a negotiation with you thinking they never want to see you again, then
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The tender value was big enough that they agreed to my terms. An issue came up with the removal and installation of the welders, it posed to be more of a challenge and a bigger expense then the supplier first thought. The supplier was aware since it was a contract they were bound to eating the huge unforeseen additional expense. This company had been so accommodating to all my requests and saved the district several thousands of dollars in disposal fees I decided to offer a solution to help with the expense. I offered to cover half of the addition cost they would incur. This helped them out and strengthened our relationship. I look forward to future business with them on the consumables and servicing of the machines they provided.
I think about Wheller's seven basic questions and consider them before negotiations. I find them to be very helpful.
1. What will the parties do if they fail to agree?
2. Who are the real parties in the negotiation?
3. What are their interests (needs and priorities)?
4. How can value be created? Who is likely to get it?
5. What obstacles might prevent agreement? How can they be overcome?
6. How can the parties use power to influence the negotiation process and its outcome?
7. What is the right (ethical) thing to do?
I use to think more under the terms of what do I want. I feel all these questions will help me greatly especially when I'm negotiating with a weaker opponent which seems to


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