Trung Nguyen Internation Business

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International Business Plan

RMIT International University Vietnam
Bachelor of Commerce Program
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Moreover, the table of estimated costs for a year will be given and attached in the Appendix for more consideration.
After that, Human resource is mentioned in term of management team. This paper will introduce details about 5 main core team members who are selected from Trung Nguyen Viet Nam to Romania for globalizing its brand. All of them have their own experiences in different aspects such as Marketing, Financial or HR; however, they have a common: graduating from RMIT University at high distinction level. In overall, the management team is considered to bring success while launching Trung Nguyen products into Romania,
Lastly, the paper is ended up by International aspect for a larger point of view. In particular, this part is come up to answer for the question “Could this business plan be re-used for other situation such as for globalizing Trung Nguyen to other countries: Italia, France or German?”.

Table of content Executive Summary 3 1. Introduction: 9 2. Country Overview: Romania 9 2.1 Geography 10 2.2 Population 13 2.3 Government 15 2.4 Economic 16 3. Company and Product Overview: 18 3.1 Company Profile - History and the Nature of the company: 18 3.1.1 History and Development: 18 3.1.2 Vision: 20 3.1.3 Mission Statement: 20 3.1.4 Corporate Values: 20 3.1.5 Organization Structure: 21 3.1.6 Core Business 24 3.1.7 Company Goals and Objectives 24 3.2 Product Overview 24 3.2.1 Product