Week 8 Final Project Package Project Coffee Shop

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The Coffee Shop Project
MGMT404 Project Management
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Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Scope statement 3
Work breakdown structure 5
Network diagram 6
Risk Management plan 8
Resource Management plan 9
Communication Management Plan 12

Introduction - A coffee shop has always been more than a place to have a beverage. It is a place to socialize, ideate, have fun and meet new people. As Starbucks puts it, it’s the third place, a home away from home or office. Also, due to the competitive and busy lifestyles that people lead today, a coffee house near their work or home has become a major point of relaxation. This report details out a project plan for opening up a coffee shop, bringing together the
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Risk Response Matrix
Risk Event
Contingency Plan
Person Responsible
Delays in supply of material
Redo schedule, eliminating all slack
Supply delayed by more than one week
Project manager
Lease agreement signing being delayed or denied
Have three backup locations ready as alternatives
Agreement not signed by October 15th
Project manager
Licenses and other permissions not getting approved in time
Engage expert/consultant who will be able to advise and expedite
Licenses not approved by October 10th
Project manager
Fridge and coffee maker being on long lead time
Include in terms while buying that delivery delays do not happen and get confirmation
Time of purchase
Project manager
Delays in painting due to contractor delays
Include condition in agreement for timely completion
While contract is being prepared
Interior designer
Materials and paints used not of high quality
Inspect material for quality and grade
Material delivery date
Painting contractor
Food industry consultant not being available
Organize for another expert or consultant
Intimation from consultant post contact
Project manager
Cabling and wiring installation installation issues
Inspect early after lease is signed, so that appropriate action can be taken
Lease agreement signed
Interior designer
Increase in prices of inventory and logistics
have long term fixed priced contracts and also have some extra


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