Beyond the Bean

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Beyond the Bean (Case A)

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Executive Summary

The company’s main objective is to introduce ‘; Beyond the bean’’ to the Canadian market in London Ontario on the Richmond road and open up a café for mainly students, to get together and serve as a recreational center. This will be possible through the café and/or by having a variety of board games for the public. The initial approach will be to gain a market share for leveling out the playing field and being a root competitor for similar types of businesses. In the external and internal analysis you will be able to find all the necessary information that will provide you with a generous overview of the company’s
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Fleetway more focuses on the entertainment branch. It offers bowling, miniature golf, rock climbing and billiards. Its advertising targeted children, teenagers and adults. Although the company itself does not have a cafe/bar/restaurant, there is a nearby facility where lots of Fleetway's customers go to eat or drink something. This could be a threatening company for "Beyond the Bean", because Fleetway offers entertainment, but it's also possible to grab a bite/drink nearby.
Palasad North:
Palasad North offers both entertainment and food. It offers many forms of entertainment, like billiards and bowling, but it also has a large restaurant at its facility. Although a lot of customers come just for the restaurant, this company can be a huge threat for "Beyond the Bean", because it offers both entertainment and food.
Tim Hortons:
Tim Hortons was an extremely popular franchise with a lot of locations. It specializes in coffee, tea and baked goods. The store has a fast-food ambiance and doesn’t provide comfortable seating which make people go in and out as fast as they can. This company is seen as an indirect competitor, because it doesn't offer its customers any type of entertainment. It is completely focusing on the "fast coffee" branch.
Starbucks focuses on offering its customers premium coffees and offers a wide selection of related drinks and high-end pastries. The company offers free Wi-Fi and a comfortable


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