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1. Executive Summary 2. General Company Description 3. Products and services 4. Marketing Plan 1. Market Research 2. Economics 3. Product 4. Customers 5. Competition 6. Table 1: Competitive Analysis 7. Niche 8. Strategy 9. Promotion 10. Pricing 11. Proposed Location 12. Distribution Channels 5. Operational Plan 1. Production 2. Location 3. Legal Environment 4. Personnel 5. Inventory 6. Suppliers 7. Credit Policies 8. Managing Accounts Receivable 9. Managing Accounts Payable 6. Management & Organisation 1. Professional & Advisory Support 7. Financial Statements 1. Sales Forecast 2. Startup Expenses & Capitalization 3. Startup
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The customer must bring in their washing and while we wash the clothes they can unwind and relax in our restaurant. Our business offers a full house washing service. We sort out the clothes then wash them with our top brand washing powders. We put sta-soft in the rinsing water so that the clothes have a soft feeling and they have a fresh smell. We have many different types of scents to choose from. After the wash and sta-soft we can dry and fold the clothes or we offer the exclusive package which is wash, dry, iron and fold.
Not only do we give excellent rates for washing we also offer quality coffees, teas and something to eat which will be an advantage over other Laundromats as they cannot give this two in one service. We have a number of different varieties of coffees and teas which will attract the coffee and tea lovers. Our prices are very competitive and we give many specials


Will be available for the loyal customers. We will also offer a free coffee after the 10th laundry wash. If the customer brings in a very large laundry basket the sta-soft will be for free. We will offer a special for our first time customers, they will get there first laundry bag ironed for free.

Contract Document

We will pay R15 000 a month and we will sign into a one year agreement lease.The total amount to set up the coffee shop section will be R55


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