Charter Schools

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Charter Schools: The Future of Education? For decades the American education system provided parents with three choices: public, homeschool or private school. If they chose public then their child(ren) would be assigned to a school past on where they lived. However , “in the early 1990s a handful of states created independent public charter schools, providing opportunities for teachers and others to develop innovative schooling options “ (Palmer, Louann 2007). Not only did the creation of charter schools provide opportunities for the teachers, but gave parents a fourth option in educating their child(ren). Some veiw charter schools as a welcome addition to the public school sector, others doubt the benefit of these schools. There …show more content…

2007). In school districts nationwide the “ local school boards have been granted varying degrees of power to award, deny, renew, and revoke charters in the 41 states and territories that have adopted the reform” (Palmer, Louann 2007). By giving the school boards some degree of control over charter schools helps to keep the charter schools on the same path as public schools. However, district boards do not all have the same opinion on charters schools. “Some district authorizers have embraced charter schools as an integral component of their school improvement plans. Others have used them to handle "problem" students or to relieve overcrowding. But far too many others want little to do with charters. They resent the need to select, assist, and monitor these schools and see them as a drain on resources (Palmer, Louann 2007). While there are many different types of authorizers of charter schools, the best are those who want the job and veiw charter schools as necessary for education improvement. There are two major benefits of having charter schools in a school district. One of those is the school choice. Parents no longer have to send their child(ren) to public school if they do not want and can not afford private school. Charter schools, like public schools, “may not discriminate among students by ability, socioeconomic


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