Edr P4 Explain How National Initiatives Promote Anti-Discriminatory Practice.

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EDR P4 – Explain how national initiatives promote anti-discriminatory practice.
What is Legislation?
The process of making or an acting law.
There are a number of different acts in Legislation, these include:
Sex discrimination act 1975
This act applies for both men and women. It promotes that both men and women should be treated equally. For example in transport, education, jobs, equal pay etc. It promotes anti-discriminatory practice by making sure that men and women are treated equally, if this act didn’t exist, men and women may be deprived of certain choices. This act includes any discrimination against homosexual marriages or civil partnerships, any discrimination against pregnant women and maternity leave, also equal pay for
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Also to promote anti- discriminatory practice there is a policy and procedure against harassment, as this will cause stress, depression or humiliation. Confidentiality is a strict policy a setting must comply to, this will help promote anti-discrimination as breaking confidentiality could lead to humiliation and depression and people could take advantage of an individual when the are so vulnerable.


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It is very important for nurses, care workers, etc. to promote anti-discriminatory practice in a health and social care setting. By doing this they need to promote equality, value diversity and respect the rights of all service users. There are many different ways of how they can do this, whether it be challenging discriminatory practice and issues in health and social care. A good way for a nurse, care worker etc. to promote anti discriminatory practice and to respect the rights of service users is to always put the patient/service user at the heart of the service provision, but making sure they do this with every patient/service user too, so no one is made to feel as if they’re not important, or they’re an outcast due to skin colour, ethical background,