Confucius Lives Next Door

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Confucius Lives Next Door The term “Confucianism” is often regarded as a complex mechanism of social, political, moral as well as religious beliefs that have considerable influence especially upon the civilizations belonging to the East Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, North Korea, South Korea along with Singapore and Vietnam. With reference to the observation made by Reid (1999), it can be viewed that a clear depiction about different principles and beliefs exists within the sphere of “Confucianism”. Therefore, the major purpose of this report is to briefly review of T. R. Reid’s book “Confucius Lives Next Door: What Leaving In The East Teaches Us About Living In the West” through concisely unfolding the experience of …show more content…
Moreover, the principle of continuous cultivation and improvement of individual ethos and practices have further been observed to increase consistency along with finding developed authentic path to gain potential knowledge of development. In this context, it has been firmly identified that the insertion of “Confucianism” within the Japanese culture not only strengthened the innate capability, but it also enabled to gain individual growth in terms of building adequate measure of consistency along with ethical code of conducts (Reid 67-90). Moreover, Reid had mentioned various aspects that significantly influenced the development of Japanese culture in terms of advancing its values at large. In this regard, the book which published by Reid had clearly depicted certain significant aspects like honesty, self-acceptance, rationality along with self-control and diplomacy among others that can be associated within the principles of “Confucianism” in the Japanese culture (Reid 91-126).
LESSONS CAN BE TAKEN FROM THE CONFUCIAN/JAPANESE EXPERIENCE According to the book of ‘Confucius Lives Next Door: What Leaving In The East Teaches Us About Living In the West’, it has been apparently observed that the philosophies, principles and ethical practices within the sphere of “Confucianism” religion can significantly


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