Unit 4222-234 Hsc 2030 Provide Support for Sleep

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1.1 Explain how sleep contributes to an individual’s well-being sleep is essential for our health and wellbeing. It allows our body to rejuvenate and restore itself. It helps the body to create new cells. Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest causes of premature aging. Tiredness can significantly affect your mood and how you feel. Sleep can help lower blood pressure and elevated levels of stress hormones. Your cardiovascular system is constantly under pressure and sleep helps to reduce the levels of stress and inflammation in your body. High levels of "inflammatory markers" are linked to heart disease and strokes. Sleep can also help keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels (which
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Each individual has the right to undisturbed sleep but other people have the right to behave or move about as they wish (within the bounds of the agreed code of conduct). A solution must be found that is fair to both, such as offering a separate room to the disturbed person.
3.1 Explain the importance of a holistic approach to assist sleep.
Many people find different approaches that help them sleep better. it is better to look at several ways rather than just rely on medication Having a holistic approach to sleep may include: Using techniques such as massage and natural products to enhance a night time pre-sleep ritual Making the bedroom harmonious and restful using feng shui and avoiding toxins Experimenting with music, sounds and readings that may encourage a restful feeling Finding herbal drinks that enhance sleep and avoiding stimulating foods before bedtime Take a warm bath: It is a great way to relax your body
3.2 Encourage the individual to communicate the support they need to sleep
It may be that the individual prefers to get up early so that they can sleep better on a night or that an individual prefers to go to bed late and likes to have a lie in. everyone is unique and requires different support. If possible you should ask the individual their preferences or get information off the individuals family and friends.
3.3 Assist the individual to find a position for