Citizen Cane Questionaire

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Citizen Kane Questionnaire

View the movie CITIZEN KANE (1941) for discussion in class on week four and to submit week five. Be sure to view the film at least twice before workshop number four. Read the information in this syllabus about this movie. Research it online at,,, etc. Then complete the following questionnaire

A. Literary Elements (Describe in one or two sentences)

1. Structure (storytelling format The storytelling format for this film was more of an investigation kind of way, searching for the meaning of the word rosebud. Flashbacks used throughout the
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B) There is a Scene showing Kane’s home, gate seen in the background on top of the hill.

D. Editing—Assembly and Printing of film (give two examples each, noting briefly what you have observed and where in the film)

18. Special Effects (animation, matting) A) There is animation in two of the scenes where they show you a map WB. B) There is also picnic scene where animated birds are flying.

19. Transitions (dissolves, wipes, fades) A) Dissolving scene is when Thatcher, Bernstein, Kane are in a room, three are at a table and Kane is in the back. That letter reading shows 1929 and it dissolves. B) Earlier scene in beginning of film shows monkeys then it proceeds and you see the castle .In all that area all picture is showing dissolving. C) The Xanadu scenes were also dissolving scenes. D) His campaign scene showing his face in the background also dissolves.

20. Montage A) The scene at the “breakfast” table shows marriage nice and sweet then shows it falling apart. B) Another scene; Thatcher calls Kane Charles at Christmas time and he opened a Christmas present. This portrayed Thatcher young, Kane young, then next scene is reading a letter from Kane, and he is aged.

D. Sound (give one example each)

21. Diegetic music A) When Kane receives the trophy. B) After the scene where Kane is typing the review.

22. Non-diagetic


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