Health Promotion in Nursing

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Health Promotion in Nursing Practice
Grand Canyon University
Family-Centered Health Promotion
April Herrera
April 14, 2012
Health Promotion in Nursing Practice
To evaluate health promotion, people need to know what health promotion truly is. Health promotion has been defined by the World Health Organization as, “the process of enabling people to increase control over their health and its determinants, and thereby improve their health.”(The Bangkok Charter for health promotion in a globalized world, 2005)
Health promotion is educating the community about healthy choices that they can understand and utilize. Examples of this would be to have community
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Secondary stage would be implemented for the children that are in the category of being overweight and seen as making unhealthy eating choices. The nurse would need to set-up a monitoring system that would encourage the student to be healthier. In this stage with children their emotional state and home life would need to be taken into consideration. Assessing this would be the nurse’s responsibility. A food diary and activity log would be helpful for the child and family so recommendations could be made. Lastly she will encounter students who are obese and starting to manifest health issues. Tertiary stage will focus on education of not only how to become healthier with weight loss and activity, but how to manage a disease process such as diabetes or hypertension (Hudson & Christie, 2011).
Health promotion is an important part of nursing practice and is the foundation of nursing. Nurses are the key piece of the healthcare system to educate communities to be as healthy as they can be. In recent years with the economic crashes, state budgets always cut the school system. It is evident in the above research, that cutting back on the youth of our communities, creates the foundation of an unhealthy adult population. It is now becoming evident that these choices that state officials have made to save money, is now coming full circle. Healthcare professionals deal with childhood diseases that were


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