Arrested Development Essay

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Clarence Williams
EN102 Outline for argument analysis: Arrested Development I. -------------------------------------------------
* -------------------------------------------------
James Forman Jr. targets this article towards conservatives who oppose racial profiling * -------------------------------------------------
Claim: Forman claims that racial profiling is an ineffective way to enforce the law and should be stopped.
II. Summary: "Arrested Development" by James Forman Jr. , is an article that looks at the issue of racial profiling. III.
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He tells stories of kids that were harassed in his school, he gives statistics pertaining to crime in some cities. He also gives statistics on the number of drug searches between blacks and whites.
“James Forman Jr. is a Professor of Law at Yale Law School. He is a graduate of Brown University and Yale law school. Forman teaches and writes in the areas of criminal procedure and criminal law policy, constitutional law, juvenile justice, and education law and policy”. His interests are schools, prisons, and police, and those institutions’ race and class dimensions. His work has been published in the Yale Law Journal, UCLA Law Review, Michigan Law Review and Georgetown Law Journal, among others. The purpose of “ Arrested Development” is to inform conservatives of the negative effects of racial profiling and how it can be resolved. Forman has witnessed racial profiling first-hand and has seen what it can do. He sets a formal tone throughout article and keeps the reader’s attention .The article is mostly geared towards well-educated conservatives in their mid-twenties. These conservatives do not differentiate between races. The audience is predominantly white and are against welfare programs and tailoring conservatives.
Forman aims this article towards conservatives which is a good choice because conservatives are color


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