You Decide: Leonard Cooper Charter School

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You Decide: Leonard Cooper Charter School
Carmelita McNeill
DeVry University, Charlotte

This is paper on Leonard Cooper Charter School networking and print server. I will explain the problem and offer a solution to the situation. There are several in finding a resolution to resolve the issues. The first step requires interviewing the stakeholders of Leonard Cooper Charter School to hear the problems of the current system. This will help with determining what the network should be doing and how to go about getting it done.

Current Issues

After interviewing the Stake holders of the Leonard Cooper Charter School the following issues was noted:
1. The first issue: ‘the print server. There are
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Having a switch on the server would allow each node to communicate with the switch. The switch communicates with the printer. This will fix the problem of printer collisions because the switch would manage the print jobs.

Wireless would be the best remedy for adding computers to the network. Why choose wireless? The biggest benefit of wireless is that it makes things simpler. Here are the benefits of a wireless network:

* Internet Access Sharing
Wireless offers an affordable and easy means to share internet connection with multiple PCs. This usually will not require more than one modem. You can add additional computers to your network by simply plugging in the wireless card and switching them on. The company would not have to worry about the extra cost of running fiber optics to added rooms.

* Sharing Printers and Files
Wireless networks also offer easy file access regardless of which part of the building you are in. It allows easy transfer of the files between your laptops and desktops.

* Always connected and Speed
Another reason for wireless is you will always have a connection to the internet. Wireless network technology runs at speeds far greater than broadband internet access. (Garfield, 2006)
Depending on the standard that is chosen, wireless can have speed from 11 Mbps to 100 Mbps. The wireless technology that is recommended is the IEEE 802.11n. The 802.11n has more speed and range than the other