Health Care Spending Paper

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Health Care Spending Paper

Health Care Spending Paper

Health Care Spending The national health care spending in the United States has been growing faster than the national economy for many years, yet many United States citizens are without sufficient health care. Not only is it representing a challenge not only for the government’s two major health insurance programs (Medicare and Medicaid), but with the private sector insurance also. As health care spending rises for the nation’s economic production in the future, United States citizen may/will be faced with difficult choices between health care and other priorities to their everyday living. Nevertheless, an assortment of data suggests that opportunities exist to limit health care
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Value-added tax or VAT is defined as a consumption tax which is levied at each stage of production based on the value added to the product at that stage. VAT can often increase revenue by 20 percent without the United States citizens noticing the taxation. A downfall to value-added tax is that also brings inflation, and with our country already at the state that is it may make it harder on individuals and business. Value-added tax is not always the best answer but does raise the revenue. There have been other notation to tax more on higher revenue business and individuals, those making a certain amount per year then they would have an additions tax. In conclusion, the line between over spending and not spending enough on health care is a very close call. They united states government is doing its best to figure out way it can improve the health care spending without destroying the government even more, or over spending in the health care. It will be a long process to fix all the necessary changes within these issues.

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