Multicultural Approach

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Multicultural Approach
Doris McMillan
ECE 405: Children & Families in a Diverse Society
August 29, 2010

Definitions of multicultural education vary. Some place emphasizes on the cultural characteristics of diverse groups, some emphasize social problems such as those associated with oppression, some place emphasize on political power, while others on the reallocation of economic resources. Some restrict their focus to people of color, while others include all major groups that are different in any way from mainstream Americans. Other definitions limit multicultural education to characteristics of local schools, and still others provide directions for school reform in all settings regardless of their characteristics.
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Specific goals and related objectives are quite numerous, and vary according to contextual factors such as school settings, audiences, timing, purposes, and perspectives, they fall into seven general clusters. They cover all three domains of learning (cognitive, affective, and action) and incorporate both the intrinsic (ends) and instrumental (means) values of multicultural education. These goal clusters are ethnic and cultural literacy, personal development, attitude and values clarification, multicultural social competence, basic skills proficiency, educational equity and excellence, and empowerment for societal reform. Each one is discussed briefly below. This goal is appropriate for both majority


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