Us Health Care System

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RUNNING HEADER: Health Care Systems in the U.S.

Health Care Systems in the U.S.
Terry Scott
University of Phoenix
HCS/531 – Health Care Organizations and Delivery Systems
Kenneth Feldman
November 7, 2011

This paper will review the U.S. Health Care System and evaluate what a health care system is, implications of beliefs and values on a health care system, provide examples of various models of health care used in American and explain how the health care system applies to models of the health care delivery in the United States.
U.S. Health Care System A health care system is “the complete network of agencies, facilities, and all providers of health care in a specified geographic area” (Health care systems, 2011).
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With the various models that affect health care delivery systems, the perception to see which models impact the U.S. Health Care Systems are the economic and social models. Perception to this contribution is a financial cost that everyone believes health care is not affordable and there are no other means of obtaining health care needs. Models of Health Care Delivery in the U.S. With the various models in the U.S. Health Care delivery systems, each model affects the total health care system. Though the models have distinct representation through social, economical, governmental, political, environmental and demographical, they all interconnect and have an impact on one another. For example, the economical model could be construed as having a double edge sword in health care delivery systems; either a person can afford privatized health care or will need assistance from government programs. In essence, the economic model will eventually move into a governmental model because the privatized consumer reached a standardized age that ‘forces’ them to accept government controlled and funded health care. This is similar to those who cannot afford health care in the U.S. A person who cannot afford health care can seek assistance through the government for funded programs than enables them to have health care. Again, economic models interconnected with governmental


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