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Xavier University | School of Nursing
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Marketing Plan

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Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Situational Analysis 5 Analysis of Internal Environment 5 Analysis of Customer Environment 10 Analysis of External Environment 18 SWOT Analysis 28 Strengths 28 Weaknesses 31 Opportunities 33 Threats 37 Marketing Goals and Objectives 39 Goal 39 Objective #1 39 Objective #2 40 Objective #3 41 Marketing Strategy and Tactics 42 Marketing Controls 44 Formal Marketing Controls 44 Informal Marketing Controls 48 Appendix 50

Executive Summary With the aid of a federal grant, Xavier University’s
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It is to be set up in the select sites for students to learn via live broadcasts from the class room on Xavier’s campus. The program is purposed to provide real life experiences from far away at a remote location. Although, according to Debbie Davis, Distance Learning Coordinator, a lot of hospitals have had problems using the remote viewing technology. One hospital couldn’t see the lessons on the TV for a few weeks because the technology that allows remote viewing was not working correctly. Due to this technological difficulty, two students have dropped out of the program.
As of right now, Xavier has different locations in rural Ohio to reach out to RN’s who cannot commute to and from Xavier’s main campus. Strengths that the program offers according to Debbie Davis are (1) students can continue their education, (2) improve patient care, and (3) reach their personal goal in becoming CNLs. By offering this program, students can continue their education and receive their MSN CNL. Debbie spoke with some students and, one 65 year old lady is trying to reach her personal goal of getting her Master’s Degree in nursing and others want to further their education.
The way this program is


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