Hurricane Katrina and The Levee System

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Hurricane Katrina and The Levee System and
How Affect Organizational Behavior
Mustafa Q. Faisal
Southern New Hampshire University
Nov. 2014


Individuals connected with the environment around them, and their behavior is a reflection to the environment variables. In these papers I’ll illustrate how the person’s behavior impacted under critical circumstances. I’ll concentrate on Hurricane Katrina, and what is the side effect on workforce, and organizational behavior. The social behavior, and labor market showed stress and emotional issues as side effects prior and after the Hurricane. By discussing these issues I’ll demonstrate how these factors affect the organization productivity, and suggesting a potential solution
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Supporting small business. The by government for small business is another factor that played a strong role for business and economic recovering after the Hurricane. By providing the low interest disaster loans for all business profit, non-profit, homeowners, and renters. According to The U.S. Small Business Administration (1999), the loans can be used to repair the damage property, business, and there are three types of loans, physical disaster home loans, physical disaster business loans, and economic injury business loans (Sec.123.5).
Recovery workforce training program. This program has been established to train the workforce to fill the demand after the Hurricane in many aspects, construction, transportation, manufacturing, electricity, gas and oil. $38 million dollars spend on this program (Rouge, 2006).
Does Hurricane Katrina Generate Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED)? The mental health problems increased after the Hurricane Katrina, in a survey conducted six

months following the Hurricane Katrina approximately 50% of parents reported emotional

problems in their children that were not present before the disaster (Abramson & Garfield, 2008).

Home Health Service
According to Moses, Kleboni, & Simons, (2014), the children with SED need special


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