Call and Qualification Analysis

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Call and Qualifications Analysis

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LEAD 635
Pastoral Theology

Christopher Callaway

Call to Pastoral Ministry
In MacArthur’s book Pastoral Ministry How to Shepherd Biblically he discusses in chapter 6 some certain criteria that provides assurance or confirmation that what we believe to be a call to ministry actually is a call to ministry. The criteria consist of four specific things the first is confirmation of the call to ministry by others and God. I started this pursuit of ministry officially back in 2009 however I was saved when I was young and born again
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I escorted soldiers around Israel on the Holy Land tour. I got to baptize soldiers in the Jordan River. One tour yielded 12 people baptized but my second trip actually set a record of baptizing 33 people in one day never done on this specific mission of 32 years. I know that where ever the devil is attacking God is working.
Qualifications for Pastoral Ministry
1 Timothy 3:1–7 discusses the qualifications of the overseer the leader of the church. It begins with being above reproach. Above reproach meaning perfect or a man no one can criticize or say negative things about. Everyone has something negative to say about someone if it is really hard to find anything negative to say about someone then they are above reproach. I am not above reproach at this moment. I have stumbled due to my anger. I have and will always remain faithful my wife. I do show self-restraint for the most part the situation I am probably lacking in restraint is disagreements with my wife. I do have self-control most of the time however I have been known to lose control in an argument particularly with my spouse by lose control I mean my mouth over runs me in the heat of the moment. I have been told that many respect me especially for pursuing ministry after all I have


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