Ge Healthcare Case Analysis

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Dion Giannoukos
Monica Chartier
Khushboo Thakkar
Jaya Singhal
2/17/16 – GE Health Case Analysis

The Omega Ultrasound System would be the best choice to green light for the Healthymagination initiative. After assessing all the potential products, we determined that the lack of concrete metrics, difficulty or uncertainty in measuring outcomes, or clinical relevance to the Healthymagination goal rendered the TEEMax, UltraLipo, and HepEcho unfit for launch. We’ve outlined justification for this decision in (Figure 1.), but we believe the Omega system provides the greatest opportunity for meeting Healthymagination standards with the best chance of obtaining definitive evidence to support the certification.
The midwives in Indonesia
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That value can then be extrapolated to the data of the number of midwives in that clinic, and the number of assisted births they participated in to generate a number representing the number of patients who might otherwise not have had access to that technology/quality of care.
2. Below is our analysis of each product using the RYG NPI system. The key value in using this system is it allowed us to easily compare the pros and cons of each product with respect to Healthymagination standards. The important thing we kept in mind was not just the ability to create value, but also provide evidence of value. The RYG allows us to focus on each aspect, and the potential issues within each one that might prevent us from effectively measuring beneficial impact, rather than simply causing beneficial impact


4. GE is pursuing Healthymagination as a branding exercise for a set of its new product releases. On one hand, GE demonstrates a commitment to quality by having the Healthymagination product claims verified by a well-regarded, external firm. On the other, the three areas of possible improvement (cost, quality, and access) suggest GE is committed to better care for more people, globally. The one product that we have greenlighted under this program, Omega, only uses basic GE technology, so it does not constitute a significant technological innovation. However, Healthymagination positions Omega to focus on increasing access and quality care (by at least 15%)


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