Manufacturing Operations and Managing Services

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The case I am provided with is about the natural calamities that occurred in Japan on March 11, 2011. The disasters that took place in Japan include a 9.0 magnitude, Tsunami waves as high as 40 metres travelled up to 10 kilometres
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Nissan mainly focussed on providing integrated GPS systems in high margin cars rather than low margin cars because they were lower end models and could have been sold without an integrated GPS system. The company’s strategy of optimum utilization of scarce resources at the time of crisis helped the company in earning fair revenues at that time. 3. Production Management- Obviously any crisis can hamper the production line of a company. Nissan decelerated the upstream and downstream production of anticipated bottlenecks in a strategic way prioritising in-stock and in-transit inventory within their network which helped the company in saving its costly overtime. Pulling vacation time in the months of April and May also add up to the effective time management skill of the company because of which the company became able to find supply alternatives of critical components 4. Empowering Action- Considering the situation of crisis Nissan took a bold step by acting in a fast and flexible manner. The company made the management master of its own will so that they can make decisions accordingly in the field without considering any senior authorities. Foresightedness of the company and before handed establishment of a well-developed emergency response plan helped Nissan to act accordingly. To make speedy decisions fast analysis of the existing situation is required and as an example Nissan launched the Global


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