Equal Women, Equal Pay

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As long as an American woman is putting in the same amount of hours with the same qualifications and experience in the same occupation as an American male, and yet taking home a wage that is any lower, she is not being treated fairly as an equal. Contrary to many arguments, it’s undeniable that a wage gap exists, and while there are various ideas as to the most probable cause, there is no reason why this gap should continue to go uncorrected or unchanged. Our government should take concrete steps to close the gender wage gap because it violates women’s rights and equality.

A woman's right to equality should guarantee her that she will be treated fairly in the workplace and that she is respected as having equal value and worth as her
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A majority of people considering this issue would agree that it’s unfair treatment and that it isn’t right. The article “Building the Third Wave” quotes the results of a poll by InView, a college women’s magazine that stated, “According to the 514 female undergraduates surveyed by InView, 90 percent agreed that men and women should earn equal pay for equal work; 93 percent said that women want equality with men…” (Ouellette, Laurie)

The gender wage gap is not only affecting women, but their families as well. According to the Center of American progress, in 2010, in nearly two-thirds of families, the mother was either the breadwinner for the family, or a supportive bread-winner, bringing home at least a quarter of the family’s earnings. [5]
[what our government/society/and women do to make steps towards change]

References and Sources:
“Women still earn just 70 cents for every dollar a man earns. It's worse for African American women and Latinas.”
— President Obama, Remarks on Equal Pay for Equal Work, June 4, 2011 (The White House later corrected the president’s statement to 77 cents.) “Women earn only 77 cents for every dollar men earn, with women of color at an even greater disadvantage with 64 cents on the dollar for African American women and 56 cents for Hispanic women.”
— White House Statement of Administration Policy on Paycheck Fairness Act, June 4

[1] Remarks on Equal Pay for Equal Work, President Obama, June


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