Recruitment of a Star

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Problem Statement:

Recruiting a new star analyst for RSH Research department in the semiconductor Industry domain while satisfying client, market and organizational expectations.

Introduction to Company

Rubin, Stern and Hertz(RSH), an investment banking firm based in New York, is faced with the problem of hiring a replacement for their star semi-conductor analyst, Peter Thomson. Star analysts willing to shift companies are difficult to find in the present market scenario. But Stephen Connor, director of research at the firm, with the help of Craig Robertson, a headhunter at Triple S, has managed to shortlist 3 worthy candidates with diverse profiles. Stephen was also approached by Anita Armstrong on behalf of a fourth candidate, Seth
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He be an asset to the company
- Was late for the interview
- Spoke too many negatives about the company
-Said “Causalities is my job”. Perspective on the job and role questionable
- Clients said that he treated his staff terribly
- Good work done on the international stocks
- Has right expectations from the job -Second Highest Rating for the industry
-Slightly inexperienced but has picked up really well in a short duration
- Competitive rating as compared to Peter but slightly below both Seth Horkum and Peter
-Competitive rating as compared to Peter
-No existing rating
-Compensation as well as contract will be an issue
-Work was good
-Exceptional client service
-All skills that clients need are in place Alternates
-The company will benefit highly from the expertise of the seasoned senior analyst
-A good organizational as well as job fit
-The current team of analysts and junior analysts will face problems due to poor people skills of Gerald Baum
-Accessibility/ responsiveness and Timely calls and visits have been rated very high by both the sell-side and buy-side. -Too inexperienced to take up a senior analyst’s job
-Having an unrated senior analyst will show
-Company will be able to attract high number of clients
-Credibility of RSH will improve with the


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