Cmi 3001v1 You as a Manager

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Task 1: Developing and using a personal development plan * Identify the links between organisational objectives and personal development objectives
The organisation’s main aim is making a difference, as outlined in their Programme for and to make the Company t a “top performing organisation”. This mirrors my personal objectives to make myself a better worker. In order to achieve this I need to adhere to the Civil Service Competency Framework’s (2015) main aims of Setting Direction, Engaging People and Delivering Results. * Construct a personal development plan which meets agreed objectives
I have created a PDP that can be seen below. In my plan, I have identified what my short, medium and
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Honey and Mumford (2006) have coined 4 main terms to describe learning styles, which are; “Activist", "Reflector", "Theorist" and "Pragmatist". These represent the stages in the learning cycle and are the basis of earlier work by David Kolb. Most people naturally prefer a certain single different learning style. Various factors can influence this and Kolb defined 3 stages of a person's development and suggests that the integration of the four different learning styles improves as a person progresses through the development stages.
I have completed an H&M Learning Style Questionnaire (2006) and overall I was a balanced learner with similar scores for all four styles – something that is quite rare. Although the scores were similar my highest score came under Activist which suggests that I prefer that way of learning. This means that I have a preference for new experiences and prefer to work in the present rather than planning for the future. 1.4 Review the progress of the plan

I would monitor and review my plan using a learning log as seen below. It is important to prioritise tasks in order to ensure that you are working productively and meeting deadlines.

Step 1
I make a list of all of the tasks that I need to complete.
Step 2
I then prioritise my list. If necessary, I will break large tasks down into small ones.