Business Plan

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Table of Content 1. Executive Summary1 2. Business Description3 3.1 Industry Description3 3.2 Business Structure4 3.3 Company Description4 3.4 Clients Description4 3.5 Service Description5 3.6.1 Wedding Service5 3.6.2 Experience Service6 3.6.3 Special Services6 3. Market Analysis8 4. Competitive Analysis12 5.6 The Strengths of Our Competitors12 5.7 The Strengths of Us13 5.8 The Weaknesses of Our Competitors13 5.9 The Weaknesses of Us14 5.10 The Opportunities of Us14 5.11 The Threats We Face15 5. Marketing Strategy17 6.12 Product17 6.13 Pricing19 6.14 Promotion20 6.15.4 Advertising20 6.15.5 …show more content…

2.4 Clients Description
Panda Wedding Service Company concentrates mainly on the foreigners in Zhuhai and it has another two groups of potential Chinese clients. The first is the young couples who are not married but want to experience first. We will especially focus on the young couples who are in the college town e.g. UIC and Beijing Normal University (BNU) because college students are still supported by their parents. Therefore, these college young couples have enough money to afford our experience service. The second group consists of the old couples who want to celebrate their wedding anniversaries. For all these potential clients, they can come to our office which is located in Haiyiwanpan (海怡湾畔), to consult and they can make a phone call or send an email to book the service. In addition, we will make some posters and send the emails to promote the service of the company.

2.5 Service Description
The main service consists of three parts, which are the complete wedding service, experience service and some special services.

2.5.1 Wedding Service
For the part of wedding service, it is very formal and is designed for those people especially foreigners who want to have a traditional Chinese wedding. In the process of wedding service, they are five main steps which are escorting (迎亲), entering into groom's house (进新郎家), three bows (三拜), having dinner and joking the bridal chamber (闹洞房). Besides these, we will also help our clients decorate bridal chamber; pick up


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