Entreprenuership Business Plan

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Assessment 7: Business Planning
(20.0 points)
In Unit 7, you learned about forming a company purpose, making a business plan, and doing a SWOT analysis. Now, you'll apply what you learned to analyze real companies and develop your own business idea.
1. Visit the Website for a well-known company, and find the unit that states its mission. Then answer the following questions about it. TIP: If the company's Web site doesn't describe its mission, choose a different company.
a. What is the name of the company, and what is its mission? (1.0 points)
Tennis Warehouse is a company that wants to provide people with the best tennis gear and equipment to get better.
b. How does the mission relate to the type of products the company sells? (1-3
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It would be important for them to try hard in every practice so, they know no other way to practice. Also juniors tend to train harder when they know they have tough competition in tournament. All companies have weaknesses, but try to hide it in their strengths. One weakness would be bad coaches, there's always one coach students always hate. I would try to convert their hate into energy. They need to prove to that coach they they are capable of winning, and that coach won’t verbally harass them. Also, another weakness is lazy students, all juniors have bad days, when their legs feel weak and they don’t want to play. I would try to stop this by telling juniors to take a few days off every few weeks. Many opportunities come in academies by talented juniors try the academy out. Some juniors with a lot of potential search for a good academy, I would want every kid who comes want to feel like they could and would belong here. Also, expansion is always risky but can be important. I would want my academy to span across the entire Southern California, I want all the juniors to train together to push each other so they can lla get better. A major threat to my academy would be better academies stealing my students. They might be providing something better or knew that i don't know about. Another threat is rain, if the courts are always wet, then