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Boffi is a renowned high end luxury furniture manufacturing company with a diverse product range. Having its origin in Italy, it was founded in 1934 by Piero Boffi. Boffi has been operating for the past 70 years with its presence in countries such as Australia, Austria,
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Legal Environment
With regards to the legal environment, we see that the legislations for foreign companies are strong and properly documented and adhered to. They have standards in place which all foreign owned companies need to abide by specific to the industry they operate in. For example, with regards to Boffi, they have Residential Kitchen Industry Standards 2012 in place.
Political Environment
The UK market is a huge market within small geographical location with a lot of prospects for product diversification and demand from target market. There are also few political barriers in this industry.
Economic Environment
The UK economy is a developed economy, however the economic crisis in 2008 did have an impact on all the industries operating in the UK.
Socio Cultural Environment
In terms of the target market Boffi caters to, we see that there is a specific social class in the UK who are considered as wealthy cliental with high living standards. This tier of the population makes up a huge proportion of the population as well.
Technological Environment
Similar to Italy, UK is also a developed economy, and e-commerce is on the rise. The UK population is up to date with the latest technological advancements such as 3G and 4 G technology, and the mushroom growth of smart phones and high tech gadgetry and equipment.


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