Case Study of a Child with Autism

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Jasmine is an 11.8 years old girl. She was born on January 10, 2001 and the eldest of two siblings. In 2008, because of continued concerns with her being “makulit”, she was brought to Dr. Panlilio, a child neurologist. She was diagnosed with mild epileftiform seizures and was prescribed Keppra 250mg/day. In June 2011, she was brought to another child neurologist, Dr. Lucban for follow up. She was advised to continue medications and take a follow up EEG. She was further referred by her pediatrician to Dr. Mark Reysio Cruz for developmental assessment. The initial impression was Intellectual Disability and he recommended SPED schooling for her. Likewise, because she is of school age, she was also
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She committed errors of insertion and omission of syllables which performance indicates difficulty with grade level spelling tasks. Written expression skills were within Lower Extreme to Below Average range and performance was comparable to early Grade 1 level. She was able to write name but had difficulty writing sentences in English. She performed below expected range in for sentence structure, grammar, capitalization and punctuation. She also exhibited weakness in producing comprehensible and functionally effective writing that adhered to task. Her writing suggests gaps in wore usage or semantics, proper sentence construction and overall verbal sophistication in English. Upon administration of the Stanford Binet Intelligence Scale Fifth Edition
(SB-5), Jaja obtained a full Scale IQ range of 49-57 which placed her level of cognitive functioning within the Mild to Moderate range of Mental Retardation. Fluid Reasoning (FR) abilities were within the Mild to Moderate range. She had difficulty solving problems using deductive and inductive reasoning. She had equal difficulty in solving problems using words and language concepts and problems using pictorial or figural patterns. The Knowledge Abilities (KA) tests were within the Mild to Moderate MR . She had difficulty defining words and responded mostly in single words. Likewise, she had more difficulty with demonstrating procedural


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