Global Business Plan

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Global Business Plan
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Global Business Strategies
Gary Queensberry
Dec 12, 2007

Global Business Plan Orange R Us has been in business for a while and has made very strategic business decisions. When the company decided to export out of the country to Mexico, the company had to perform some research. The company performed many task such as a country risk and strategic planning analysis, devise a business plan and a marketing strategy. Oranges R Us, a company located in Tampa, Florida, produces high quality and nutritional orange juice. Since being in business for over fifteen years, the company is venturing into the international market. After thorough research of Mexico’s politics, economy,
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Market Plan When Oranges R Us initially considered doing business globally, the marketing department started work on their market plan to prepare the company to export to Mexico. The four Ps in the marketing plan are Product, Price, Promotion, and Placement; risks in these areas are considered.
Oranges R Us (ORU) needs to consider plan on how they will present their product to Mexico. ORU produces a high quality and nutritional orange juice. ORU will need to package their product to make it appealing to the Mexican citizens. In addition, ORU will need to consider how to make their product look ascetically appealing and satisfying to their palate. In order to make their product a brand name in Mexico, ORU will observe selling trends of their product and the location of where their product sells the most.
Price is another piece of the marketing plan that ORS considers prior to exporting their orange juice. Since prices in Mexico are different from the United States, ORS needs to price their product so that it is affordable to Mexicans and profitable for the company. In considering the price, ORS needs to include the cost of exporting their goods into Mexico.
How ORU promotes their product is another aspect of the marketing plan that is important to consider because of the


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