Psychology and Impact Personality Development

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1. Define personality.
2. Analyze how biological, situational and mental processes impact personality development.
3. Discuss social and cultural contributions to personality development.
4. Describe the major dispositional theories of personality.
5. Describe the major process theories of personality.
6. Evaluate the major personality theories.
7. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of commonly used personality assessment techniques, validity, reliability.

Define personality.
* Is a unique and relatively stable ways in which people think, feel and behave * Is shaped by biological, situational, and mental processes in a sociocultural and development context * Impacts people’s cognition, motivation and behaviour
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While each of the process theories sees different forces at work in personality, all portray personality as a result of internal mental processes and social interactions.
Psychodynamic theories 1. Sigmund Freud


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