Landerville Business Plan

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Business Plan
By: Billy Hill
October 3, 2009

Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary for Landerville Investment Agency 2. Business Description and Financing 3. Tax Lien Business 4. Tax Lien Market 5. Operations and Procedures 6. Bidding and Property Risks 7. Projected Profit 8. Conclusion

1. Executive Summary for Landerville Investment Agency, LLC
Landerville Investment Agency’s goal will be to purchase tax liens from state government and city treasurer auctions and recoup the funds from the owner. State governments and city treasures will issue a lien against residential and business properties in an effort to recoup the owed tax money (Carr, 2003). After I have
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Although the investor buys the taxes on the parcel, the owner retains ownership of the property and has the opportunity to redeem the tax lien held against the property (Burrell, 2006). The tax lien certificate is used as a form of collateral against the property (Burrell, 2006). And when you buy the tax lien certificate you have essentially brought a loan against the parcel of land and not the mortgage (Carr, 2006).
Purchased tax liens are secured loans.
The tax lien certificate is a secured loan against the property then serves as collateral for the loan (Burrell, 2006). The property owner in order to satisfy the loan must repay the holder of the tax lien certificate the delinquent tax, and the associated penalties, interest and cost of sale associated with the tax lien purchase (Burrell, 2006). The property owner must then repay the loan within a predetermined time period or else the tax lien certificate holder will be entitled to foreclose on the property in order to redeem the portion of the property held as collateral (Burrell, 2006). 4. Marketing the company.
Landerville Investment Agency is a business that will not need marketing. The point of this business is not bring on new clients, but to purchase tax liens auctioned by state governments or city treasurers. 5. Operations and Procedures
Landerville Investment Agency will buy local tax liens.


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