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The Need for the FBI Over the years, the FBI has grown from a small bureau into a service that not only the nation needs, but also the world. It has helped in many significant cases throughout history, such as Al Capone, the Unabomber, Bonnie and Clyde, and without the FBI, would not have been solved or taken care of as easily (“Famous Cases” 1). These have proven to make the environment a better place to live in. The FBI is needed to protect the country’s safety and the well being of each individual daily. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has grown to be an immune system that is needed, to protect the country, the individual’s and the environment that is lived in every single day, by protecting us from terrorism, cyber
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As a result of this, everyone is able to walk around less conspicuously because they know that someone is watching the suspicious movements or conversations of people. Moreover, the Federal Bureau of Investigation covers a lot of crimes that are vital to the environment and the safety of everyone. The FBI “is responsible for enforcing 271 different federal laws” and this is just a little bit of what they do to protect us (Kronenwetter 57). As a government service they find it important to be strict with their enforcement of laws. And this helps benefit society in every way. The crimes that the FBI takes care of, are severe crimes that could be vital to every family, for instance, kidnapping, foreign espionage, and hate crimes. Another one of the biggest cases that the FBI has worked on was the Al Capone case. The Al Capone case is an excellent example of a dangerous situation that was putting society’s lives at risk. He grew to be a part of the mob and “had built a fearsome reputation in the ruthless gang rivalries of the period, struggling to acquire and retain ‘racketeering rights’ to several areas of Chicago” (“Famous Cases” 1). But the FBI was there to help crack down on the crime and once again protect the nation from the demented minds of the criminals. Without the FBI we would just have to rely on our everyday officers, and if they are too busy fighting off everyday crimes, how will they have time to take care of the more sever


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