Community College Argument

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Save Money on Tuition

Attending community college before completing your bachelor’s degree at a four-year institution can save you a sizable chunk of change. Tuition and fees at public community colleges average less than half of those at public four-year colleges and about one-tenth of those at private four-year colleges, according to the American Association of Community Colleges. “I think my student loan was at least half of what I would have paid otherwise,” O’Brien says.

Save Money by Living at Home

Room and board make up a significant percentage of college costs at four-year colleges. “Living at home also saved me a lot of money on living expenses … that was an added benefit financially,” says O’Brien.

Transferring won’t
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If you plan on obtaining a 4-year degree you will have to transfer to another university at some point. If you're looking for a permanent residence, this probably isn't the best place for you.
Lighter Workload

The workload is significantly lighter than at a state university or a private college. The student body is largely composed of students who could not attend another university because of their grades and thus, the expectation for student performance is reduced. There is typically and air of frustration among the staff—mostly related to students neglecting homework and blowing of class. As a consequence, there is very little course work aside from major exams. Keep in mind that college is always what you make it. Putting in the time is entirely up to you.
Uninvolved Students

This is probably the biggest deterrent for the junior college. Many of the students are uninvolved. Few have plans for an academic future outside of what they receive at the junior college level—and they study accordingly. This causes tension in the classroom, particularly with more accomplished professors who are not accustomed to dealing with complacent students. Outside of the lecture itself, classroom discussions are rarely stimulating as they are carried on solely by the professor and one or two enlightened individuals. Good news for the dedicated student: the professor will recognize your potential and reward you accordingly.
Campus life (or


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