Classical Principles or Argument

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The classical principles of arguments are described as an argument synthesis which is a claim that reasonable people could disagree with. According to our textbooks synthesis is defined as something that, “Brings two or more arguments together, allowing for comparison/contrast, rebuttal, or accumulation of mutually supporting points” (Lamm, p. 79).It adheres to an individual’s capability to be able to write syntheses relies on your ability to derive a relationship amid your sources like writing documents, such as, lectures, essays or even observations. The sole purpose of an argument synthesis and usage is for you to be able to give your own opinion and point of view which needs to be supported and be applicable. It’s often debatable due …show more content…

“The pictures from New Orleans stunned the nation, they exposed the stark reality of who was suffering the most, who was left behind, who was waiting in vain for help to arrive, and who is now facing the most difficult challenges of recovery.” The pictures that still today is blazoned in my mind is one woman carrying a new born baby in her hand and the water is up to her throat and a dead body is floating nearby with heavy rain pounding down. Thousands of people had to retreat to their rooftop and many were left stranded during that time. To say my humanly emotions or anyone else for that matter was not put to the test is mediocre. As a mother a lot of this was heart wrenching to witness on my television screen. This is where the appeal of argument Pathos, takes effect. The ones who were actually left behind were the minorities, the ones who had nowhere to go, and no family to take them in. As in most natural disasters, it is always the poor that suffers the most consequential pain. One of the poorest sections of New Orleans which is the lower ninth ward was affected the most by hurricane Katrina, and that is where the most devastation took place. Many of the residents of that particular neighborhood already lacked certain necessities to live by of course; this part of the city was mainly occupied by mostly African Americans, with no jobs. We are


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