Collaboration and Argument

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Collaboration and Argument
Carmetta C Jackson and Waltresa Mayho
JULY 9, 2011
DR Tracy A Boothe

Collaboration and Argument Collaboration is defined as working collectively with others or concurrently to achieve a

goal especially in a creative attempt to put together the right elements of success implemented to

accomplish something.

Argument is defined as controversy or the implication of expression through opinions for an effort to persuade; for the submission that provides support or is in contrast to some idea.
Robert Ennis defines an argument as "an attempt to support a conclusion by giving reasons for it." (Critical Thinking, 1995) Irving M. Copi, in his Introduction to
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Deliberation improves critical thinking by providing a constant consideration and synthesis of other viewpoints. These issues become the argument for the group. With respect for the other team members opinions will continue to simultaneously push the boundaries of the other team members’ experiences which will create a new mode of thinking, analyzing, criteria and judgment that often reveals new and unique approaches. Team members benefit from reflection and by verbalization. The peer coaching helps all the members, both the high and the low achievers, to become actively involved with the material. When it comes to independent study there is no one else that can incorporate other viewpoints into their own opinions nor or they able to incorporate communication or listening skills, but they are able to avoid conflicts enhance their own effectiveness and efficiency. When writing collaboratively, an argument that is determined by one’s own position should be decided by which side of the issue they are willing to take on or if they are prepared for both sides by matching up each team member’s ability and talent no matter what their strengths or weakness may be. When determining the fundamental quality of an argument it gives the team member the ability to understand the arguments of others and evaluate the quality arguments used to improve their skills. The person who represents knowledgeable information is


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