Civil Disorder

884 words 4 pages
By Wendy Michaud


Unit 2 ~ IP

American InterContinental University

May 6, 2012


For this assignment we will be looking at the meaning of civil disorder. I will be

researching and describing what happens when a situation with civil disorder happens in

the United States and how the government handles it. I will compare and contrast the

method The United States uses to other countries such as, Japan, England, China, and ‘

Saudi Arabia.

How does the United States deal with problems related to civil order control? Well,

one example of how the United States deals with
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While I was comparing

these countries I found there to be similarities and differences. When it comes to civil

liberties, The United States treats all people equally as well as England. China on the

other hand is lacking in the equal rights department. The government of China will

suspend any protesting and arrest and detain anyone that goes against the governments

decisions. Saudi Arabia’s government is known for discrimination of woman, anyone

who are homosexual, as well as religions the government does not agree with.

In Saudi Arabia, the government is lacking the ability to deal with any sort of civil

disorder. This country is also lacking in education as well as services in illiteracy such

as, civil defense, police departments and emergency medical systems. All of this can

cause communication failures in any situation especially civil disorder. (Crime and

Society) Saudi Arabia’s first attempt at developing any emergency management plans

were back in 1927. The first emergency management plan was a fire brigade which was

later called General Security and fire services. A Royal Decree dissolved that and

formed General Directorate of Civil defense. The GDCD was able to get more

attention from the people. It was the main body of civilian defense during peace and

in time of instability. (Crime and Society)


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